Discipleship Programme

What’s the point?

The Christian life is not meant to be lived in comfort – it’s meant to be missional. We’re supposed to be out there battling for souls who need saving – and need a Saviour.

But we need to be prepared for the battle. 

Discipleship is both about preparing ourselves for the battle, and about going out there and making disciples. We want to equip you and encourage you – and then we want you to GO!


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Discipleship Programme

Additional resources include: The Prayer Course, Find your Gifting and much more.

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Start by following the first steps here, and then you can dive into the Bible – videos produced by The Bible Project – and then dive deeper into discipleship and follow the programme.

The resources here are split into into two main types: freely-available resources by third party organisations, and unique resources that may not be available elsewhere.
Whilst most of the resources are made freely-available, there are some subscription-based resources, which are available for a very modest subscription of £1 a week (paid monthly at £4.32 a month). Other resources are available for purchase through the website.
All proceeds go to support Misfits Ministries manifest mercy and mission – making a real difference in people’s lives, and in the community you live, by giving ‘A Little Bit of Hope! to those in need, and reaching the lost, the least, the lonely and the leper’s in today’s society.