Lost, Least & Lonely

“… night after night, week after week, I have cried and cried – alone and lonely – in my empty flat. Although I knew Jesus was with me, it still didn’t stop me feeling lonely – it doesn’t at times. We are human beings and created to be with other human beings. We are social beings, and we work better in community with each other. We also crave physical and emotional intimacy with another human being. When we live alone, with no other human beings, and with no-one significant in our lives that we can be intimate with, we naturally feel lonely.

And when you do – cry to Jesus. Somehow, He can reach out to you and help. If you truly cry out to Jesus, He will reach out and connect with your spirit, and give you comfort and strength.”

Lost, Least & Lonely is the eighth in a series of booklets produced by Misfits Ministries – reaching the lost, the least, the lonely and the lepers. The author asks that you, at the end of his life, dance and celebrate and rejoice with joy as he will Fly to Jesus – and live!

Enough Series

A series of booklets to accompany the book Enough! which is currently in production.

Misfits Ministries reaches the lost, the least, the lonely and the lepers in today’s society. 

You can purchase the booklets either electronically for Amazon Kindle, or printed copies are available on the following basis:

  • Single copy – £1
  • 10 copies – £0.75 each (£7.50)
  • 25 copies – £0.60 each (£15)
  • 100 copies – £0.50 each (£50)

This booklet is currently only available on Amazon Kindle.