Out of the Darkness

Inspired by the worship song ‘Turn it Over’ by Zach Williams, the author tells us how he used to live in the dark, ran so fast, until it fell apart, and was on his knees.

He shares with the reader how he overcame the constant reminder of his dysfunctional past and changed his life, and how you can too:

“practice persistence, with a pinch of patience and plenty of perseverance, and you will prevail!”

Out of the Darkness is a book that will help you and encourage you into the light. It describes practical steps you can take to change your life for the better, overcoming negative thoughts, harmful customs and habits, and the pain and the scars of a shameful past life.

“One of the constant criticisms that I face personally is that people can’t change. And, to a degree, I do agree. People can’t change, but God can change people.”

Learn how God’s grace is infinite, it’s infallible, and it’s instantaneous; and by the generous grace of God, you too can change your life.

Enough Series

A series of booklets to accompany the book Enough! which is currently in production.

Misfits Ministries reaches the lost, the least, the lonely and the lepers in today’s society. 

You can purchase the booklets either electronically for Amazon Kindle, or printed copies are available on the following basis:

  • Single copy – £1
  • 10 copies – £0.75 each (£7.50)
  • 25 copies – £0.60 each (£15)
  • 100 copies – £0.50 each (£50)

[Currently only available on Amazon Kindle.]