You are Enough

Inspired by the worship song ‘Jireh’ by Elevation Worship, the author tells us how – in Jesus – he now knows that he is enough.

How many times in your life have you doubted that you are enough? The world constantly tells us that we are not enough, and that’s far from the truth. And everything and anything the world can throw at us is never enough for us – we always want more. God, alone, is enough.

You are Enough shows us that regardless of the storms, and they will come, and whether we are on the mountains or in the valley, God is always with us and will take us through.

“It started life as a funeral song playlist.”

This is the final booklet in a series of twelve booklets to encourage and edify, inspire and motivate, that started life as a funeral song playlist! They will take you on a journey to discover the truth about life; and whatever life throws at you, you are never alone, there is healing and forgiveness, and you are always loved.

Enough Series

A series of booklets to accompany the book Enough! which is currently in production.

Misfits Ministries reaches the lost, the least, the lonely and the lepers in today’s society. 

You can purchase the booklets either electronically for Amazon Kindle, or printed copies are available on the following basis:

  • Single copy – £1
  • 10 copies – £0.75 each (£7.50)
  • 25 copies – £0.60 each (£15)
  • 100 copies – £0.50 each (£50)

[Currently only available on Amazon Kindle.]