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Sing – In the Middle of the Storm!

“I’ve had my fair share of storms! 2019 was one of the worst years of my whole life – and I’ve had my share of worst years!
There were three particular times during that year that I was persecuted because of my past. Although it was over ten years, and some of my wrong-doings were over 20 – 30 years previously, still I was persecuted. Such are the times that today forgiveness is forsaken – and hostility is the done-thing of the day.”

Sing in the Middle of the Storm is the fourth in a series of booklets produced by Misfits Ministries – reaching the lost, the least, the lonely and the lepers. The author explains that it’s your attitude that determines your altitude, and if you can sing in the middle of the storm you can rise above it! And no matter how severe the storm, there’s always a rainbow at the end.

Every week, we’ve dedicated #FridayForGiving – giving you a free gift every Friday – or, every now and again, we will ask you to give to a particular cause, fundraiser or appeal. What will you give this Friday? 

It’s also a play on words – Friday Forgiving – maybe that’s what you have to give this Friday – forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive this Friday? Maybe it’s yourself? Maybe it’s someone else – don’t let another week go by without taking the opportunity to get things sorted.