#FridayForGiving – A Little Bit of Hope!

We all need ‘A Little Bit of Hope!’ don’t we? A little bit of hope that tomorrow will be better than today, a little bit of hope that we will get through the next storm, a little bit of hope that we will still be standing tomorrow even though we may be struggling.

Times are tough for many, and sometimes all you need is a kind word to lift your spirits and to make you feel valued and loved. Why not give someone a gift of ‘A Little Bit of Hope!’ today? 

You can buy an online copy for literally a few pennies – just a small donation of your choice – and for every donation of a £1 or more, we will also make sure that we give away a physical copy of the booklet to someone in need.

Every week, we’ve dedicated #FridayForGiving – giving you a free gift every Friday – or, every now and again, we will ask you to give to a particular cause, fundraiser or appeal. What will you give this Friday? 

It’s also a play on words – Friday Forgiving – maybe that’s what you have to give this Friday – forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive this Friday? Maybe it’s yourself? Maybe it’s someone else – don’t let another week go by without taking the opportunity to get things sorted.