#FridayForGiving – A Little Bit of Hope!

We’re back!

As you probably realise, we’ve been taking a break, working on some new things, working out a few things, but here we are back again. Once again, we will be encouraging you with our daily messages. And on Friday, we will always give something away. Most of the time it’s completely free, other times (like today) we might ask you for a few pennies (or more, if you’re able). Literally, it only has to be a few pennies, we know how difficult things are right now for most people. You will hear a bit more about how we’re looking to help people with their household bills over the next few weeks.

But for today, let’s give someone ‘A Little Bit of Hope!’

We all need ‘A Little Bit of Hope!’ don’t we? A little bit of hope that tomorrow will be better than today, a little bit of hope that we will get through the next storm, a little bit of hope that we will still be standing tomorrow even though we may be struggling.

Times are tough for many, and sometimes all you need is a kind word to lift your spirits and to make you feel valued and loved. Why not give someone a gift of ‘A Little Bit of Hope!’ today? 

You can buy an online copy for literally a few pennies – just a small donation of your choice – and for every donation of a £1 or more, we will also make sure that we give away a physical copy of the booklet to someone in need.

Every week, we’ve dedicated #FridayForGiving – giving you a free gift every Friday – or, every now and again, we will ask you to give to a particular cause, fundraiser or appeal. What will you give this Friday? 

It’s also a play on words – Friday Forgiving – maybe that’s what you have to give this Friday – forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive this Friday? Maybe it’s yourself? Maybe it’s someone else – don’t let another week go by without taking the opportunity to get things sorted.