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L.A.B.E.L. Live A Blessed Everyday Life

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Don't feel worthy?

If you feel like a misfit – we’ve been there. If you feel you don’t belong – we’ve been there. If you feel that you’re beyond redemption or that you can’t live a blessed everyday life – we’ve been there.

People can’t change; but God can change people.

Our constant criticism that is thrown at us is: “people can’t change.” And maybe it’s true. But God can change people. He can change you, and He can change your life around. All you must do is surrender to Him.

Misfits Ministries #LABEL #Recovery - Welcome

Online Recovery Programme

Here you will find the articles that take you through the 12-step Online Recovery Programme over three months. You will also be able to sign up to receive daily emails with each of the steps in turn.