Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Christ in the manger, Christmas morning. Above Him the star, shining bright...

OK, it might be a little early, but … Merry Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and all that. But do we really appreciate the real reason for the season?

Christ in the manger on Christmas morning, there was no room at the inn. No bed and breakfast, no hotel rooms, no friends or family to put them up; just a lowly, dirty, smelly, stable. Above Him the star, shining bright. That’s how the wise men found Him. They followed the star, which hovered right above the stable where He was born.

He was on earth for such a short amount of time: less than forty years. But now, He is in heaven, watching and waiting for His time to come back. Because He is coming back one day.

And in many respects, He is here already. He is here in us. When we believe in Christ Jesus, when we accept that He is our Saviour and we make Him the Lord of our life and decide to follow Him, we are said to be “in Christ.” The truth is, Christ is in us. The Holy Spirit, which is one with Christ and one with our heavenly Father, the Lord our God, is in us. 

He is our hope of glory. And one day, we will be with Him in heaven. He is our redeeming light. There is no redemption any other way. The world and society rejects and runs on retribution and revenge; not so for Christ, who redeems us by the blood He shed. He paid the price for our wrongs. He is our saving grace, nobody else shows as much grace, saving us from the price of our wrongs. Christ in us makes us shine bright. It’s HIS light shining through us.

As we approach the Christmas season, may we remember the reason for the season.

May we pray: Thank You, Lord, that You sent your Son to earth to pay for all our wrongs. May we celebrate your gift to us this Christmas. We ask this in the precious name of our Saviour, Christ Jesus; Amen.

If you would like to know more about the reason for the season, please get in touch. Meanwhile, we hope that you have a really blessed Christmas and may God Bless You.

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