Merry Christmas!

For unto us a child is given ... Emmanuel ...

For unto us a child was given:
Emmanuel, the Word, as written.
Peace on earth, good will to all;
The Saviour, here, for us all.

As time on earth goes marching by
Heaven beckons from the sky.
Don’t let this Christ-mas pass you by:
Make Christ your Lord, and home you’ll fly.

May you know Him, close, today;
His Spirit in you, now, to stay.
He will never leave you or forsake you;
A new creation, He will make you.

For unto us a child was given – on Christmas day, that very first Christmas, Christ was born. It was a very unassuming beginning – in a lowly stable, as there was no room at the inn – for such a miraculous event. God Himself had come down from heaven to be with us. ‘Emmanuel’ means ‘God with us.’ And the Bible says that He was the Word at the beginning of time. 

He came to bring peace on earth, and good will to all – He is our Saviour – born to die for all of us so that He can pay the ultimate price for all our wrong-doings here on earth. We have all fallen short of the glory of God, and there is a price to pay – but Christ came to pay the price on our behalf.

As our time on earth goes marching by, we will all one day face our mortality, and we all hope for an eternity in heaven. Jesus Christ died for us, so that we can enter heaven to enjoy eternity with our heavenly Father, God Himself. But it is a choice we have to make – to make Christ our Lord and Saviour, to believe in Him, and to declare and proclaim your stance – and then you will fly to heaven one day.

We hope that you can know Him, and that His Holy Spirit fills you. That’s His promise, if you decide to accept His gift – that the Holy Spirit will enter your heart and make you a new creation – born again – as a Christian. And when you do, He will never leave you or forsake you – that’s His promise to be with you forever, here and now, and into eternity.

How about it? Wouldn’t you want an eternity in heaven? Please get in touch to find out more, or check out the page to explore Christianity or our Discipleship programme. You have nothing to lose, and an eternity in heaven to gain! God Bless You, and have a great Christmas.

If you want to know more – please get in touch. We really do hope you have a great Christmas, and that this year, you may get to know more about the reason for the season. God Bless.

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