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"If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary." — Jim Rohn

How’s life with you? Cosy? Comfortable? Just about bearable? Doing OK? Boring? Humdrum? Ordinary? Or are you living the life of your wildest dreams?

If you want a taste of the extraordinary, you need to risk the usual way of doing things. In the Bible, there are countless stories of people who risked the usual way of doing things – and extraordinary things happened.

The walls of Jericho came tumbling down because the Israelites were willing to risk being ridiculed as they walked round and round the city walls – once a day for six days, and then seven times on the seventh day. How ridiculous! When they started out, they must have doubted, but they did it anyway – they risked the usual, and they saw the extraordinary.

Esther risked her life when she took the unusual step of approaching the king to ask him a favour. In those times, anyone who approached the king without being summoned was at risk of being killed, so the usual thing was to wait. However, Esther didn’t wait – she took a risk. And in doing so she saves the lives of all her family and the whole Jewish community, as they were due to be slaughtered. 

Are you living the life of your wildest dreams today, or are you settled with the usual, the ordinary, the humdrum and the boring? Maybe for you, it’s time to take a risk, and step out of the usual way of doing things?

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