“If you're going through hell keep going.” — Winston Churchill

I’ve known some storms in my life, and I have known others who have been through their own worse storms. It feels as though you are going through hell on earth at the time.

And if this is something you are going through right now – keep going – don’t stop! Keep right on going, don’t look around you, keep your head down, and keep going.

One of Jesus’ disciples, one night, found himself in a dreadful pickle – he was in a terrible storm, literally – and he would have felt as though the jaws of hell had opened up and was about to swallow him up. He had decided to get out of the boat to walk on water to meet Jesus! But, instead of just keeping on going, he lifted his head up to look around and to look at the storm around him. And as he did, he began to sink.

But, rather than let him sink into the jaws of hell, Jesus held out His hand and rescued him. If you’re going through hell right now, keep going – and reach out for Jesus. He will be there to rescue you, no matter where you are.

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