“The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s what you’re made of. Not the circumstances.” — Author unknown

Perhaps you know the feeling too, when you end up in boiling water (not literally, of course) and you’re feeling the heat. Maybe it’s your fault, maybe it’s not; either way, you have ended up in this situation and it’s getting hot under the collar.

It’s at times like these that you learn what you are made of. How will you respond? How will you act? Will you make the right decisions and choices? Are you a potato or an egg?

Whichever you need to be this week, may you be a good one. If you need to soften your heart in response to the circumstances, may you do that quickly; if you need to harden your resolve to carry on despite the difficulties you face, may you find the courage to do so quickly. 

Have a great week, see you soon.

Coming soon – #MondayMotivation booklet, with a collection of quotes.