“Do not fear, the rain is only here to help you grow.” — Jennae Cecelia, author and poet (https://www.jennaececelia.com/)

At the time of writing, at least where we are in North Wales, we’ve had a lot of help to grow over the last few days or so!

It’s true in our day to day lives too. When it seems to rain, or we go through storms in our lives, we seem to see the most growth in our character and in our strength to deal with whatever is pouring down upon us.

And don’t forget, the longer the rain continues, not only the more growth do we experience, but the closer we are to the day that the rain stops and the sun starts shining once more. Meanwhile, keep on growing!

Have a great week, and see you soon.

Coming soon – #MondayMotivation booklet, with a collection of quotes.