“You always pass failure on the way to success.” — Mickey Rooney, American actor (1920-2014)

It was a tough day. It was really hot. The ground was hard, really hard, more so than we had ever experienced because most of the 100KM walk was along paved roads and paths. 

Not all of us made it. Not all of us completed the 100KM walk. We were in the wrong boots, and we suffered. And some of us failed.

But it turned out to be a milestone on the way to success, because the following year, knowing the terrain and the footwear required, we succeeded, we finished the walk – we did it – 100KM over three days, raising money for the charity work we were supporting.

Whatever we try to achieve, we will always meet failure. The most important thing is that we must keep going, passing the failure on the way to success. Don’t stop at failure, keep going, or keep going back. Get past the failure, success is ahead of you.

Coming soon – #MondayMotivation booklet, with a collection of quotes.