“First, you have to believe in yourself, before others can believe in you.” — Mimi Ikonn, author, born 1986

Sometimes, we find it hard to believe in ourselves. When things are going wrong, or when things aren’t happening in our lives that we are hoping for. We begin to doubt. We begin to doubt ourselves. We begin to doubt in ourselves and our abilities and our worth and even our existence.

Just like every brick in the wall, life would not be complete without us. We are here on purpose, for a purpose. Believe in yourself, because there is One who believes in you – your heavenly Father, who created you and gave you life. 

If you are struggling to believe in yourself today, get in touch. We would like you to know how much you are valued and loved and how much God believes in you. May you know His blessing today. 

Coming soon – #MondayMotivation booklet, with a collection of quotes.