No prejudice, No prejudgement

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1 Corinthians 13:13 (NKJV)

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.”

God loves you – period. 

As written in our booklet, Lost, Least and Lonely, God loves you:

He loves everyone – anybody, anyone, without fail, without prejudice, without prejudgement; regardless of anything and everything you’ve done, however bad it is – whether you’re black, white, orange, or any other colour you fancy; whether you’re tall, short, skinny, stout; whether you’re in the church, outside the church, never been to church, never will set foot in the church – He loves you.

God loves you – period, full stop, the end, Amen.

We’ve seen some horrific happenings recently in the United States; human beings treating other human beings horrendously, with harrowing results. There is no excuse; there is no justification; there is no escaping the cruelty that caused the ultimate calamity that we all shudder to comprehend: the untimely, sudden, premature death of a fellow human being. 

Regardless of colour or creed, we are all brothers and sisters under the skin. The whole of humanity – according to scientific proof (if such a thing exists) – are descended from one single female who lived on earth 200,000 years ago, aptly named, Eve. We’re all the same – wherever we come from, and whatever we look like. We’re human beings – let’s act like it, in a humane way.

Being humane, according to the dictionary, is:

  • characterised by tenderness, compassion and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed.
  • acting in a manner that causes the least harm to people or animals.

It is a word, which is a variant of the word, human. As humans, we are meant to be humane. Acting in a humane way is supposed to describe the way we, as humans, behave. Not so that tragic day.

It’s tragic to see human beings behaving non-humanely. We are all made in the image of God, Himself: good and perfect, loving and kind, merciful and gracious. We were also fashioned in the same way – to be like Him.

But, oh! How we’ve fallen short. Our single female common ancestor – Eve – ate the fruit on that fateful day in the garden of Eden, as did Adam, and life on earth has never been the same since. Sin entered the world, bringing darkness, distrust, destruction and death. It pervades our world today, and causes inhumane behaviour in those who should be humane. 

But theses three things remain – faith, hope, love. They are, perhaps, the three things that can turn us away from that darkness, into the light, and make us humane once again. May you turn to the light today; may you find your faith – in your fellow human and humane beings, as well as in God, our heavenly Father; may you find hope in a hopeless world; and may you find the love of God filling your heart, so that you may shine the light of love upon others who so desperately need it today.

In the precious name of our Saviour, Christ Jesus, I pray; Amen.

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