Pause: Think About This


I want you to be smart in the same way — but for what is right — using every adversity to stimulate you to creative survival, to concentrate your attention on the bare essentials, so you’ll live, really live, and not complacently just get by on good behavior. — Luke 16:9 (MSG)

A guest article by Joseph George, also known as Joey G, from Fullness of Life Ministries

I don’t know how life has been for you since lock-down and the whole Covid pandemic. Perhaps, life went at more than a hundred miles an hour before the Covid global Crisis but everything has been brought to a Stand-Still.

Everything that can be shaken has been shaken; Namely – Health, Money, jobs, relationships, hobbies, work and our social lives. Perhaps, we needed to stop, take stock and re-consider, but we never had the time to Pause and Think about This. Before the Pandemic, people were probably stressed with work loads, family, responsibilities and keeping on top of To-do lists but Covid has forced us to stop, confined many of us to working from home and cut back on the rushing around.

What is one of the things God has ben trying to speak to us before the Global pandemic? Stop stressing, Pause, Think about This!!! Come and listen to me!!

Maybe the pandemic is an opportunity for you to come away and rest for a while, like Jesus said to his disciples in Mark.6:31. I wonder if you used the time under lock-down as an opportunity to seek God more when you could not use the time to rush and stress like a head-less chicken as per business as usual. Did you heed God’s admonition to us by the Apostle Paul not to be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanks-giving we should make our requests known to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding will keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (Phil.4:6-7)? Truly, it’s time to Pause and Think about This!! Time to stop stressing, time to stop rushing around, time to Pause and Think about Him.

Sure, The Pandemic has been very frustrating and annoying. We have been forced to stop, forced to stay indoors, forced to work from home and been unable to seek an outlet through socializing and taking part in our cherished hobbies. While this has been a negative for so many, some positives have come out of the situation such as people learning new skills, taking up new hobbies, people spending more time with their families and everyone was forced to get skilled up in our technological skills -Zoom and Microsoft Teams come to mind!!.

One thing I definitely learnt from the Pandemic was to use every adversity to stimulate creative survival (Luke.16:9 – Message Translation). Many people took up new skills such as sewing, baking, drawing, gardening and pottery as ways of coping with the Pandemic. Personally, I got the opportunity to get better at producing videos, building websites and planning for my next album. I hope you used the Pandemic as an opportunity to turn adversity to creativity.

Pause: Think about This!!

The Pandemic has increased the level of anxiety in the world generally and understandably so. With death tolls over 3 million and with infection rates still a daily occurrence, although at a decreasing rate, thanks to the vaccines, people are still anxious. But in spite of our anxiety, God’s consolation can bring us joy (Ps.94:19). God’s consolation to us comes from his Word and through his word we get his peace, we get renewed hope and we get the strength to carry on no matter what might come our way. Pause: Think about This.

Incidentally, I was able to publish a Devotional in November 2020 called Pause: Think about This. Maybe it’s prophetic of what God wanted us to do during the Pandemic but the Devotional invites us to Pause and think about issues such as Globalisation, Media, Friendships, Relationships, Technology, Human Rights, World Poverty, Addiction, Fame and such like from a Biblical perspective.

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