And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. — Ephesians 3:18 (NLT)

From the age of my childhood, as far back as I can remember, and for the past 57 years of my life, I have been visiting this lake in the photograph. And I never knew until my last visit a few weeks ago, that it was almost a perfect heart-shaped! I never knew until the other day. I was always drawn to the place, it has a tranquility that you rarely find, a peace that you cannot understand, a stillness we often seek in our hectic lives. But to realise that it is almost a perfect heart-shaped lake, for me, makes it even more special today.

You see, we stand upon the earth before us, looking at God’s creation. He created the earth in all its majesty. He created the beautiful hills and valleys and coastlines and mountaintops. And He even planted a few hearts in His landscape, as if to remind us of His love for us. It’s the unexpected surprise from a loved One. 

Llandecwyn ChurchAnd for 57 years, I never knew. I grew up there. I went to a chapel that is a couple of hundred yards from the lake (which you can see as the white-walled building at around 2-o’clock from the lake), grew up believing that there was a God, but not knowing God, not knowing that a few hundred yards away He had planted a heart-shaped lake to remind humanity of His love for us. I grew up walking beyond the lake to a church some half a mile away, a church that stands overlooking the beauty of the landscape below. A beautiful estuary, leading out to see, with amazing sunsets and as the lake below a tranquility and peace and stillness that is rarely experienced in today’s activities.

But I never saw the heart-shaped lake. I only saw the lake from close-by. It is hidden somewhat from the hills above. And the only way to see the heart-shaped lake this way is by a change of perspective. Perhaps you, too, need a change of perspective?

Several times in the Enough series of booklets, you will read the phrase: God’s love is so high you can’t get over it, so low you can’t get under it, so wide you can’t get around it, so long you can’t reach the end of it. It tells us that in the Bible:

And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.

— Ephesians 3:18 (NLT)

God says, “You are loved.” God loves us so much that He gave His only son so “that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.” That says whoever, and means whoever. Anybody, anyone, everyone; without fail, without prejudice; regardless of anything and everything we’ve done, however bad it is – regardless of our sexuality or sin; whether we are black, white, yellow, orange, or any other colour you fancy; whether you’re tall, short, skinny, stout; whether you’re in the church, outside the church, never been to church, never will step foot in the church – if we believe, we will have eternal life. 

He loves us whoever, whatever, wherever, whenever, whatsoever – forever. Whilst we are still sinners, He loves us (Romans 5:8). Not when we’re good, not when we behave, not when we do as we’re told, not when we are good to others, nice people, good neighbours, pillars of the community, good people. No! He doesn’t wait for that! He doesn’t look for that – He loves us anyway!

He loves us so much that He planted heart-shaped lakes in His landscape to remind us of His love for us! What’s your perspective today? Do you believe God loves you? If you struggle to believe that truth, then perhaps all you need is a change of perspective.

May we pray: Thank You, Lord, that You love us. Help us realise how wide and long and high and deep is Your love for us. And if we struggle to believe, help us change our perspective to see Your truth. We ask this in the precious name of our Saviour, Christ Jesus; Amen.

If you’re struggling to believe right now, we would like to pray for you – please get in touch. God loves you so much that He wants to change your perspective, so that you too can see the love hearts He placed in the landscape of your life. May God Bless You.

Part of this article is reproduced from the first booklet in the Enough series, Who Do You Say I Am?

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