“Never stop praying.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NLT)

Never stop praying! Never! Not for a moment, not for a minute, and certainly not for any longer. Never stop. Whether it’s silently in your thoughts and your mind, whether it’s quietly in a whisper to yourself, or whether it’s in a louder voice for others to hear, never stop praying.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, just talk to God. He’s there, listening out for you and listening to you. Of course, you might want to take a breath and listen for Him too. After all, prayer should be a two-way conversation, just as normal conversation should be. We shouldn’t be talking at God, or even talking to God, without talking with God. When we talk with someone, we give them an opportunity to say something too – it’s not just about us! 

And it’s the same with prayer. Never stop praying; but occasionally it may be worth sitting silently in prayer, waiting and listening for God.

May God Bless You in your prayer life. See you soon.

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