I’m after love that lasts, not more religion. I want you to know GOD, not go to more prayer meetings. — Hosea 6:6 (MSG)

When you first read the Old Testament, you might end up thinking that God wanted our sacrifices more than anything. After all, He established a complicated system of rules and regulations to deal with human wrongs that were redeemed by various animal sacrifices, and the religious practice of the day followed a complex calendar of feasts and celebrations to commemorate or connote specific events or occasions.

However, God makes it clear in Hosea that more than anything else, He wants us to love Him – after all, that is the first and most important commandment (as you will read in the first module of the Discipleship Series) – and to get to know Him better.

Relationship is more important than religion. Getting to know God is more important than going to yet another prayer meeting. Will you make this your resolution for this week?

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