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“The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.”
— Morris Mandel

It might be the longest sixty minutes of your life, but it’s only one hour out of a lifetime of 692,040 hours on average.

Seriously, though, if you are going through dark times, we’re here to help. You have a whole Christian community here to help. We might not have all the answers for all the problems, but we know someone who does – Jesus. He is your comfort, your joy, your provider, your counsellor, your be all in all, your everything. 

The Bible has been described as the best self-help book ever written. Whatever darkness you face, you will find advice in the Bible. If you have not tried it for yourself, maybe now’s the time? After all, you’ve got sixty minutes to distract yourself and to fill!

Get in touch – in confidence – if you would like us to pray for you and the situation you face. Who knows what God can do in sixty minutes?!

Coming soon – #ThursdayThought booklet, with a collection of quotes.