I intend to live forever. So far, so good.” — Steven Wright, American comedian (born 1955)

I don’t know if you remember last week’s #ThursdayThought? It was about success and failure, and if you wrote a book about failure and it didn’t sell would that make it a success! Well, this week, you can celebrate the fact that you are a success!

So far, so good; you’re still alive! You are still alive, aren’t you? Well, you might not intend to live forever, but you are still alive today. That means that you have been successful at living.

But, you know, if you have a Christian faith you can – literally – live forever. Of course, you will live for a time here on earth and you will live for eternity with Jesus in heaven after you die. So, if you want to live forever, why not check out what Christianity is all about. Let’s be honest, the alternative is not so appealing, is it!

Coming soon – #ThursdayThought booklet, with a collection of quotes.