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Training for Work Hospitality

Want to improve your employability?

Want low-cost access to a large number of accredited courses?

An investment of £6 a month will give you access to:

  • Two accredited courses per month;
  • Weekly mentoring message;
  • Facility to Earn as you Learn!

Hospitality & Catering Programme outline

The course selection is designed to help you gain certificates in topics that will be attractive to a potential employer, or will help increase your skills and abilities in a number of key subject areas.

This is a small selection of the courses included:

  • Food Safety level 2 for catering
  • Introduction to the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Customer Services
  • Allergen Awareness
  • Nutrition Awareness
  • & others

How it works Cost involved

The cost is £6 per month.

You can either download an app to use on your mobile phone, or just log into the website.

Courses are delivered online for you to complete in your own time. Each week you will receive a mentoring email which will give you access to two new courses each month.

And what’s more – you can Earn as you Learn – we are working out the details at the moment, and will update the information here as soon as we can.