"You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" — Mark 6:31 (MSG)

At the beginning of April, we undertook a journey to Poland to share the love of God in a practical way to those from Ukraine, delivering support, providing comfort and encouragement, and bringing hope. Whilst we were there, we found that they were in desperate need of a minibus, and we want to help!

Our next mission is to share the love of God in a practical way, delivering support, and providing a minibus for future humanitarian work in Ukraine.

The continuing need for support

You will probably know about the terrible atrocities taking place in Ukraine. Millions have been displaced, and many more are still in danger, particularly in the east of the country. 

A minibus is needed both to continue the supply of humanitarian aid to those left in Ukraine and to help transport people out when possible. In the future, it may also be possible to help families who want to return to Ukraine to rebuild their lives, but that is a long way ahead.

Can you help?

We need cash and we need goods! As well as providing a minibus for their use, we would also like to fill it with goods and supplies to help support the families who are in need. Around 1,000 people have been helped to relocate from Ukraine, and they continue to provide support by sending food and supplies into Ukraine for those who remain. Many families have come from the city of Mariupol, and many still remain there and are in constant danger.

Please consider helping in this practical way, so that we can purchase a minibus to give them and provide supplies for their needs. 

Any surplus monies provided will be given to the local church who send money to those in Ukraine where it is not possible to send humanitarian aid. In this way, the pastors who look after families in Ukraine are able to buy food from local farmers for the families there.

You can find out more about the appeal, and support us, on #UkraineMinibusAppeal – United In Caring.

If you would like us to pray for anything for you – please get in touch. Even though we are currently taking a break from posting any news or articles on the website, we are still here and working towards helping with the situation in Ukraine as much as we can. Take care, and may God Bless You.

Have you had your copy of ‘DARE to Hope!’ yet? You can download it here.