“I’m not good at accepting help.” — Patricia Heaton (American actress and comedian, born 1958)

I guess that can be true of us all, at least some of the time. Society tells us that we are the author of our own destiny, and celebrates those who are “self-made.” It leads us to trust in, and believe in, the unholy trinity of “me, myself and I.”

Invariably, it leads to unhappiness at best, or at worse – failure.

We struggle to admit our weaknesses, but there is One who is always there to help – the real Author of your life, your heavenly Father, God. If you struggle to accept help from another living person, then go to Him in prayer. He will lead you on the right path – and who knows, maybe straight into the path of somebody who knows exactly how to help you here on earth!

The picture shows a garden clearance that we helped to organise through our charity work. The owner couldn’t manage it by themselves, due to ill-health and disability; but they didn’t want to ask for help. But when it arrived, they were grateful beyond measure. 

Perhaps you are not good at accepting help, but perhaps that is something you need to change as we head into 2021?

Coming soon – #WednesdayWisdom booklet, with a collection of quotes.